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Gucio Shoes Blue

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Before children’s sneakers and shoes became a symbol of status and cool, they served one important function: to cradle and support your child’s foot so that he or she can fully realize the dream of becoming a bipedal hellion. For a toddler just learning to get around, some shoes help accomplish this goal better than others.

Allow me to introduce you to one of these amazing shoe brands: Gucio Shoes. Judging solely by appearance, these look like bowling shoes with a retro smidgen of your-granddad-rocked-these-with-shorts-and-knee socks-in-black-and-white-photos. But there’s way more to this footwear than mere trendiness. Handmade in Poland, they are crafted from natural leather and manufactured using pre-World War II non-electric sewing machines.

With soft air cushion under the heel, the shoes offer supreme comfort, and their wide soles are made of elastic and rubber so baby won’t slip while toddling around your waxed wood floor. When your child decides to try and eat their shoe for lunch (they will), you can rest knowing that the dyes used are nontoxic and are only applied to the outside of the shoe. Gucio Shoes are so well regarded they received the “Healthy Foot” certificate given by the Central Laboratory of Shoe Industry in Poland.

Have I mentioned the cute factor? How difficult it will be for your baby to untie their own shoes and throw them in the middle of the boulevard on your afternoon stroll? How they are the polar opposite of the ubiquitous clunky white first baby shoe? How your baby’s feet will grow properly as they learn to walk?

Gucio shoes are offered in children’s sizes 3 through 12, so kids can enjoy wearing them all the way through preschool (after that, they’ll be much too sophisticated and grown up).

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