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Guidecraft Magneatos Building Set

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One of the major issues with any “construction set” toy is that the pieces are often too small and intricate for young children. Kids over a certain age can build and learn with typical construction sets without fear of swallowing the parts, but the older kids aren’t the only ones that dream of building towering skyscrapers. All children have an active imagination, no matter their age, but there aren’t many products that cater to the builder in our little ones. Guidecraft Magneatos breaks that trend.

Magneatos is an award-winning, 72 piece magnetic building set, designed specifically for children 3 years and older. All of the magnetic pieces are large, colorful, and stick together via magnets. The magnets are contained inside the building pieces so the product is safe, and it still allows youngins to build to their heart’s content. Using Magneatos, your kid can construct all sorts of buildings, from houses to towers, to anything he or she can dream up.

Magneatos has all the design applications of the toys the bigger kids play with, and this set can be expanded upon with other sets, creating even more building options. If you’re looking for a construction set for your budding architect without the worry of small parts, Magneatos is the way to go.

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