Guitar Hero Johnny Napalm: Punk for Your Punk


Do you remember what it was like growing up listening to rock music? If you’re older than 30, you remember what it was like when people played their own instruments. Hearing those awesome riffs and shredding away on our totally real and not-at-all-fake air guitar? I remember. Sure, some of you may have grown older and gotten those real instruments and played in real bands, but for the rest of us, Guitar Hero turned us into gods of rock.

Johnny Napalm was one of the avatars transporting our younger selves into the world of being the premiere rock legend of the ages. Johnny was all about the punk rock, for those of us who grew up pogoing to the sounds of classic punk groups. When playing Guitar Hero, Johnny is the man we pick to represent our taste in music.


Now your kids are growing up, and they’re going to need air guitars of their own. Except they don’t need them, because Guitar Hero exists, and we can pass down the plastic instruments that we rocked with on to them, and let our kids rock as hard as we did. And when your kid becomes obsessed with trying to beat your high score, shouldn’t the child be wearing an appropriate T-shirt?


This Johnny Napalm tee comes in a variety of sizes for any rocker. It also comes in green, because the word napalm is splattered across the shirt in pink, so why not, right? Though crassly commercial, this shirt really does look punk. Hardcore, man. Like The Exploited. Too bad they haven’t added any of their songs to Guitar Hero.

The Johnny Napalm tee is available at Stylinonline

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