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Guitar Hero Wall Decals

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Planning your kid’s room is not just about using space efficiently, it is about combining theories of child cognition with the images and objects you want them to grow up with. Now, every day as your child goes down for a nap, or looks around their room for cues about what the world is like; or stares at the wall creating the elaborate and deep fantasies that emerge from a child’s mind, you want them to see images of what you believe to represent greatness. For some, this may mean having stars on the ceiling and flowers on the walls. For others, it will mean having life-size black and blank silhouettes of guitar players rocking out on intricately designed electric guitars.

Animi Causa offers vinyl decals of both male and female guitarists, backs arched from the intensity of making music, hair flying, microphone perched at strum level. Because babies have poor eyesight, images and toys with a stark contrast like this tend to work well in their rooms. And although a baby won’t realize how lucky they are to have rock n’ roll imagery on the walls, these decals are definitely cool enough to stay on as their room transitions with their age, reflecting their aspirations and joys (or yours). Of all the areas you’ll want to encourage your child’s development in, don’t neglect to foster their interest in that most important of human endeavors, rocking.

Who knows, maybe having this type of imagery around at a young age will result in skills like these:

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