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Guitar String Lights

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Aside from the various “College” and Bob Marley posters on the walls, the second most important item in decorative dorm room accouterments are the lights. Those twinkling, multi-colored lights strung up along the wall creates a mood in any college-living environment, or off-campus apartment building. They’re a fun addition that adds so much to your home’s look and feel — no matter where you live.

As the aforementioned tiny, twinkling lights have become the standard found in most stores, there are different varieties with ultra cool patterns that kind of kick those small, tiny ones to the ground.

These Guitar String Lights would make the perfect addition to the music-themed nursery, or in the room of little ones who want to become exactly like their rocker parents in every way, down to their clothes and their own baby-sized instruments; stringing up lights around the house in the shape of guitars will further their desires to keep on playing, as they’ll not only create music daily, but also live amongst it non-stop.

The soft white glow of the guitar lights come in a set of ten bulbs encased in translucent guitar figures. For a special price that’s yours for the taking, grabbing more than one box is greatly approved.

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