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Guns N’ Roses Toddler T-Shirt

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So first off, I have to admit something: I am a reformed music snob. Once upon a time in my life it was punk and only punk, and anything outside of that realm was gross, stupid, and not worth my time. Kinda like with Guns N’ Roses. I used to think they were awful. I disliked Axl’s handkerchief hairdos (that were on par to the ones worn by Bret Michaels), and I thought Slash was a drunken buffoon who was only good at wearing top hats and nothing else. Yes, I was a music snob and I wasn’t afraid to admit it.

But finally, after 20+ years, I descended from the mountainous fog resembling the LA skyline that I rode around, and developed an appreciation for GN’R that even Axl with corn rows couldn’t tarnish. It all started when I found a belt buckle on the ground in Seattle. It had guns and roses on the front and it was awesome. People would ask me if the buckle had any connection to the band, and angrily I would say that it didn’t. Because of this constant hounding I started listening to Appetite for Destruction, which sounded way better than I’d remembered.

If you wish to recapture the Destruction that was Roses in the late 80’s, then the Guns N’ Roses Bullet Toddler T-Shirt — complete with the cool, famous logo — need not be something that your child should go without. Soft and comfortable for tots, this classic GN’R shirt is the symbol of hard rock’s 80s awesomeness.

So be a cool parent, and cloth your kids in the finest of rock attire. Just hope that once they hit high school age, all musical judgement will be somewhat in check.


  1. K_Sunder

    Do they have a Chinese Democracy version? Nevermind, no one wants one of those.

  2. Bettina Rhys

    ….and the kids wearing Bon Iver t-shirts began to cower

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