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Haikubes From Forrest-Pruzan Creative

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Plato said of writing poetry that it’s “a form of madness,” and that poets are “perverters of morality, mere imitators and deceivers, and their art is concerned with the world of appearance, not of reality.” He even proposed that these lying liars who lie be banished from the commonwealth. Even today, if someone asks in passing what you’re reading and you answer with “oh, I’m revisiting the works of Bukowski and treating myself to a little Plath on the weekends,” you are often deemed nerdy… or crazy… or a frighteningly freakish mix of the two.

Poetry may be an outsider’s weirdo pastime, but I say commonwealth shmommenwealth! Embrace your deceptive and strange tendencies, poets! Haikubes, from Forrest-Pruzan Creative, makes poetry fun for the beach reader and for the most serious of word nerds by making a game out of it. Poets and lovers of word puzzles: this is totally your jam.

Haikubes includes a set of 63 word cubes that players roll, using the words that come up to create their own haiku. It also has two cubes with inspirational words to help guide your poem. So you might roll one inspiration cube that reads “a tirade against,” and the other might read “my childhood.” We all know there’s plenty of fodder there. We definitely recommend this game for a child who’s a little bit older, a kid who has graduated from Shel Silverstein and is ready to move to the next level of poetic awesomeness.

You can play alone or with a group. Try making it a timed game to see who can create the best/funniest/worst haiku the fastest. However you want to go about fitting the most awesomeness into those three lines of five, seven, and five syllables is fine by us.

The poet Dylan Thomas said, “A good poem helps to change the shape and significance of the universe, helps to extend everyone’s knowledge of himself and the world around him.” Did you know, Mr. Thomas, it also helps keep the kids busy while you try to meet a deadline, make lunch, and/or finally clean that weird mold-like substance out of the basement; when you’re done with all that, Haikubes is a blast to play as an adult too, and you have our full permission to steal it from your nerdling for the occasional grown-up game night. A final piece of advice: you should have grown-up game nights. They are awesome.

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