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Half Pint T-Shirt

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There’s no way you and your kid would be caught dead wearing the same outfit, right? Maybe on Halloween, but never out on the streets in daylight. That’s just weird, right? Wrong! Ok, so it’s weird in most cases, but with the White Pint Set you and your little half pint will never put a foot wrong in the fashion department. Guaranteed.

With its minimalistic, modern design, both you (Pint) and your wee one (Half Pint) can stroll the old record store, vintage bookshop or farmer’s market with cool confidence, knowing this is probably the only tee you and your lil’ tiger can get away with sporting at the same time (because obviously this was a mistake–we’re not hatin’, just observing!)

You’ll find this tee spot-on while relaxing and enjoying a can of Churchkey or PBR and your nerdy child will find this tee spot-on while “enjoying” their all-natural celery smoothie. The tees for kids fit newborns all the way up to 10-year-olds, while the adult shirts come in small to XXL. Don’t think this tee is just for the blokes. Any fun lovin’ gal is bound to get a kick out of these threads, too.

The tees are from Twisted Twee, a retro/vintage/quirky online store offering not only these awesome tees, but plenty of other gotta-have-‘em threads.

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