Halloween-Inspired Craft Projects

With fall in full swing and the weather turning chilly, chances are you’ll be spending a little more time indoors. But as we all know, children are not always great in enclosed spaces; sometimes they seem to run faster, yell louder, and jump higher than ever! Redirect that superhuman energy into some creative Halloween crafts! Here are some DIY projects to inspire both you and your child to get into the spooky spirit.

Monster Pebbles

Remember when you were young and begged for a pet? If your parents were like my mom (allergic), then all you probably got was a pet rock. I wish I had thought of turning mine into a monster instead of just a plain old turtle. This simple craft could easily be done with any age (obviously some require more adult help than others) — just make sure you’ve got a lot of newspaper laid down on the work area!

You’ll need some (preferably smooth) rocks, paint, googly eyes, and a fine-tipped sharpie to make these adorable creatures. The tutorial even suggests putting a magnet in the back-an excellent meshing of frightening and function. Your kids will love seeing their monster rocks on the refrigerator door holding up their stellar report card.

Monster Feet

Having a monster is all well and good, but becoming one? A dream come true! Help your child with their aspirations by doing this fun, quick and easy craft. With just a tissue box, tape, paint, and sponges (and a hot glue gun for you), this one’s another great project to do with younger ones. Close up half of the box opening with tape and let your monster go wild painting their new “feet.” When the paint drys, build a couch cushion fort (aka Tokyo) for your little creature to destroy.

Tin-Can Robots

Ah, robots. They can go from helpful to homicidal in a blink of an eye. I’m pretty sure that A.I.-gone-wrong films have ruined mankind’s chances of selling robot servants. Remember HAL? That guy didn’t even have any arms or legs but he still managed to kill people! Yes, robots are high in the nerd’s list of spooky things. Here’s a much friendlier version for your kids until they’re old enough to learn the truth about Skynet.

Any recyclables will do as limbs and facial features: bottle caps, pop tabs, those random pieces of hardware you find on the ground that don’t seem to go to any of your furniture, etc. You’ll have to do the prep work of hot gluing the pieces to magnets so they can attach to the cans. Bungee cords, pipe cleaners, and steel wool work as hair or antennas. Go nuts (& bolts)! This empty-headed robot won’t be coming after you with dreams of a utopian society free of human error.


Slime is the single most important prop in horror movies (and Halloween parties) — especially ones involving aliens. Think about it! Without slime, alien eggs would be boring dry husks! Alien flora would look just like Earth’s! And those screaming alien mouths would be nothing without the slimy spittle that goes flying into terrified human faces. Give your kids the gift of slime with this project. With only 4 ingredients, it’s much simpler to make than it looks. Keep this activity in mind for your older kids, though. It’s safe to touch, but not meant to be ingested.

Art projects are one of the best ways to spend time with your children. It helps them develop focus, concentration, and motor skills, and you get to see their insanely creative minds at work. We hope that this list of projects helps your children have some fun this fall!

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