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Halo Troop Battle Pack

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Nothing says gaming on Xbox Live like being called derogatory pre-pubescent names by ten year olds. Whether you’re playing Halo or COD, you know the racial and homophobic slurs are going to be unleashed. This is the reason why you should get your kids ready for the bullying world of online gaming. The Halo Troop Action Figure Pack – Battle Pack lets your kid recreate miniature epic battles with troops, scenery and even vehicles (minus the profanity of course).

The standard battle pack comes with six diecast figures. This set includes Spartan-II with SMG, Marine with Battle Rifle, Marine with Rocket Launcher, Elite with Carbine, Grunt with Plasma Pistol, and a special zinc version of Covenant Jackal with Plasma Pistol. If you purchase both battle packs, you’ll be able to teach your child the proper techniques of camping and spawn killing.

Pro-tip for you parents who are Halo-core, buy the toys for your kids and they will want to watch you play the video games. Ooh-Rah!

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