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Hand-Painted Chess Set

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Chess, the game for the classy nerd. You cherish the memories of learning this game from your grandparents or parents, especially the first time you were able to kick their butts! That first “check-mate” was yelled like a battle cry, and it fills you with pride to this day. Yes, it’s a game that comes with great feelings of accomplishment; but with 6 different pieces that all move differently on a board that comes with no directions, the nearly 2,000 year old game can be intimidating to learn for younger children, and even more intimidating for you to teach!

Our advice is to start slow; there’s no need to try to play a whole game on first introduction. Oh, and buy them an excellent chess set! This wooden chess set from House of Marbles is hand painted with each piece made to actually look like the person they’re named after (except the rook, of course). Your kid will have a much easier time differentiating between the king and queen because of the king’s illustrious mustache, and they won’t be tempted to call the knight “the horse,” because it actually looks like a knight!

You’ll be teaching them to take royalty captive in no time, but enjoy your moment as all-knowing master while it lasts. There will come a day, slowly but surely, that they will thoroughly kick your butt with their own confident shout of “check-mate!”


  1. Katia

    Could you please tell me where to buy this chess set. The marble works did not have it.
    Thank you

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