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Hape Totter Tower

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Everyone knows that all the best philosophers come from Germany (and maybe France). The best toys follow suit. There are many toys you’ll want to check out from the amazing company Hape, but the Hape Totter Tower is the only one that will satisfy your future Cooper Union alum.

At first glance, this toy is deceptively simple (like you, the Totter Tower hides its complexity behind a veneer of cool detachment). Bamboo rings tinged with felt? What are you supposed to do with these? But that’s what is so amazing about the Totter Tower. The toy is incredibly open-ended, and allows children (and adults) to begin exploring the fundamentals of design.

Younger children will simply stack these rings up, but as the players age (and the box suggests the toy is appropriate for ages 3-99), the creations can become more complex. It’s easy to see how these simple “blocks” (if they even fit within that category) could provide your child the basis for a future in architecture. In fact, the blocks themselves are reminiscent of the stunning green roof on the Nanyang University’s School of Art in Singapore.

The tower, which normally runs for around 50 dollars, can be found on Amazon at discounted rates. The sooner you check these out, the sooner your future architect can begin fulfilling her purpose!

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