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Happitaps the Bear

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What could be better than a soft, stuffed teddy bear for your growing children? How about a teddy bear that talks, moves, is educational, and has neat little games in it to keep your wee ones busy for hours? Called Happitaps the Bear, this neat little gadget functions in conjunction with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Specifically designed for smaller children, the bear comes with an app that features “toddler mode” so the smallest of the small don’t have to bother selecting activities through a menu – the program will simply cycle through activities relevant to their age. The bear will wink, talk, teach, and even snore if you leave it alone too long and he gets tired.

The actual app is free, believe it or not, but kids won’t get the full effect without the additional fluffy exterior: it impossible to tell he’s a bear simply by looking at the screen. The fluffy exterior also serves as added protection for your phone which, alone, is worth the price of the gadget. With a price tag at twenty bucks it’s fairly obvious, but it still needs to be said: an iPhone is not included with Happitaps.

Don’t worry, it is just a creepy as your old Teddy Ruxpin.

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