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Hard Rock Leg Warmers

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Toddlers (and those who’ve recently graduated from toddlerdom) are picky little people. They’re picky about their food, picky about what they do, and picky about what they wear. It can be stressful, but at least they know what they like and what they don’t like and make no qualms about letting you know. It shows personality, if anything. Being that clothes tend to cause the most argument, it’s better if you dress your offspring in something you know they’ll enjoy wearing and won’t immediately rip off the moment you put it on. Unlike mashed carrots and butternut squash, at least the cleanup of clothes isn’t as messy.

For tiny feeties that never seem to take a rest, there’s finally a pair of socks that kids will not throw back in your face. These Hard Rock Leg Warmers with guitar décor, complete with red and black stripes, are more than just a typical pair of leg cover ups. The serve SO many purposes: guards kids from sun damage, provides an extra layer of warmth (cause feets can really get cold), stays on even during the most extreme crawling sessions, protects from chaffage due to aforementioned crawling, and—most importantly—makes a fab fashion statement. All good reasons to purchase a pair of leg warmers with a hard rockin’, musical edge. Just say no to boring, white baby socks.

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