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Hasbro i-Dog Amp’d

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Domesticated animals are the best. After a long day from work, or a long day of sitting on your couch watching the boob tube, it’s nice to have something that appreciates you, even if you’re in your bathrobe at three in the afternoon. We all like to feel like we matter, and kitties and doggies do this very well. A pet can definitely make you feel positive, inspired, calm and collected; four things that are sometimes hard to attain.

But imagine—if you will—that your best bud with four legs was also a music player, and danced, lit up and literally grooved his little paws to your “Best of Michael Bolton” CD. That would be amazing! Well, not the Michael Bolton part.This great amount of amazing is totally attainable thanks to this high-tech weirdo world.

Hasbro has been the leader in children’s toys for as long as we can remember, and now with the invention of their i-Dog Amp’d, they’ve upped the ante as the makers of some of the best kids (and adult) gizmos on the market. This robotic little woof-woof is a portable music device that includes an assortment of flashing lights, robo-doggie moves, and a response to whatever it is you play; kind of like a cross between a Furby and a speaker. Although the i-Dog Dance has a few more moves, the i-Dog Amp’d has a louder, better sound quality than the previous incarnations.

This isn’t just man’s best friend, it can now be best buds with little urchins who have ipods loaded with Peelander Z, Jam Toast, and Rockasaurus Rex. It’s so lifelike that you may find yourself buying it food and giving it water, but considering i-Dog isn’t real, it’s probably for the best that you restrain yourself.

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