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Hawaiian Bobtail Squid T-Shirt

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Ladies and gentlemen, if I could please direct your attention to your left, you’ll see the next stop on our tour. In these coastal waters, you’ll see the elusive Hawaiian Bobtail Squid, otherwise known as Euprymna scolopes. Look at the size of it!* See its special light organ, differentiating itself from all the other, less bioluminescent kinds of squids!** Notice its symbiotic relationship with undersea bacteria!***

This kid’s shirt features a Hawaiian Bobtail Squid on it. If that isn’t enough to get you and your nerdling interested already, I’m not sure what is. What if I told you the shirt was printed with a striking yellow-on-green design? With an awesome cephalopod swimming triumphantly on the front? And a cool eye on the back? Your kids will likely get glances from interested parties who aren’t quite sure exactly what is on the shirt, or why it’s so vividly printed, but that’s half the fun. I’m sure they’ll be looking for a deeper meaning in the garment, or thinking that it’s an inside joke they don’t understand, but I’ll tell you the meaning behind this shirt: Hawaiian Bobtail Squid.

*It’s really not that big.
**This totally makes all the other squids jealous.
***Not actually visible to the naked eye.

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