He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe App


My wife and I represent a pairing of Mac and Android users, respectively. I have my Kindle and she has her iPad, and though the kids have pretty much free use of either, we have something of an unspoken pact about keeping our hands to our own devices. Sort of a, “You made your choice, now deal with it” kind of thing. But when I first heard about He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe, an iOS app by Chillingo, I knew then and there that I would have to violate that agreement. (Good thing it’s unspoken.)

I grew up on He-Man. While the ’80s cartoon holds some nostalgic value for me, I was more familiar with the action figures it was pushing, plus the mini-comics they came with. I find this to be somewhat advantageous as a He-Man fan, because it means that I’m more attached to the characters and their various weapons, armor and vehicles (kind of like the catalog of ships in The Iliad) than any one representation of them. I was happy with the live-action movie. My kids and I basically enjoy the 2002 revamped cartoon. In other words, if it looks like He-Man, Man-at-Arms, Skeletor or Beast Man, I’m sold.


So for me, The Most Powerful Game in the Universe doesn’t have to make good on that self-proclamation, though I find it passes the time just as well as all the other mobile video games out there. You control the blond barbarian’s forward and backward movement by swiping your left thumb, his attacks and jumping with your right, scrolling across 29 levels in seven areas of Eternia in pursuit of Skeletor. The art design, music and character cameos all deliver as far as nostalgia is concerned, and rewards include pics of original packaging and artwork. It’s rated for age 9 and older for fantasy violence, but my 5-year-old loves it — especially Orko’s Game of Chance, a mini-game that takes over every time you die and allows you to win jewels, items, or even resurrect.

He-Man’s world represents one of the most colorful combinations of science-fiction and fantasy out there, and now you can explore it for free with this game’s latest update, which also includes She-Ra as a playable character! Now say it with me: By the power of Grayskull!

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