Head Back to School with Nerdy Hoodies


One of my favorite things about fall is pulling on a warm hoodie, getting all snuggly and hiding my hands in the pouch. Hoodies always have your back whether it’s the last camping trip to the first day of school.

You might think that a readily available hat and gloves is enough to make hoodies a timeless fall essential, but you’re forgetting the best part: they’re one of the best opportunities your unique kids have to assert their personalities and style in their world of limited choice.

So what’s new in the world of hoodies for fall 2013? Here’s a hint: RAAAAAWR!

Be a Beast

You may have noticed the line between hooded sweatshirts and costumes blurring more and more, which is a great way for kids to have an instant recess game of pretend. Plus, what’s a better confidence booster than being a T-Rex?


This toothy hoodie from Mouth Man takes the legwork out of pretending your opening and closing elbows are a dinosaur mouth.


Is your kid more the stegosaurus type? Pick up this hoodie from Etsy’s KidHub, complete with optional dino tail.


While some kids are fierce, others are foxy. A fuzzy fox is hiding in the pocket of this more mellow toddler hoodie from Etsy seller dollfacethreads.


I’m not a big fan of Bambi, but I sure remember β€œhe can call me Flower if he wants to.” What’s not to love about skunks? I mean, besides that one thing. Help your kid project their lovable misfit vibe with this velour skunk hoodie from Etsy seller HarmonyThreads.


Of course, we couldn’t overlook the most misunderstood animal of all, the shark. Essential to our ecosystem, these guys just wanna eat. It’s not their fault surfers keep dressing up like seals. This shark hoodie from Zoodies even has fins.


If you want to spruce up last year’s hoodie to make it a little more fierce, here’s a DIY guide from Smallfry and Co. for adding dino spikes to a boring old sweatshirt.

Have a Little Imagination

What other time in their lives will they be able to go about their business looking like a robot, alien or gnome? Don’t be jealous, they’ll be saving the costumes for Halloween soon enough. For now, let them cram in as much imagination as they possibly can.


This robot from Etsy seller StudioSolarisKids has no thoughts of murder on his mind, only dancing. Or maybe that’s just what he wants us to think.


This alien hoodie has so much personality, it has a name. Bernard the Hoodie Alien from Etsy seller nissalisa is awake, alert and ready to learn – and soak up a few spills. He’s made of terry cloth.


Gnomes really don’t get enough credit. Helping us take midwinter vacations with cheap travel websites? Taking their jobs as stalwart garden guardians very seriously? Keeping their pointy hats starched to perfection? It’s time you and your kids gave the little guys the salute they deserve. Don’t worry, this velour gnome hoodie from HarmonyThreads has you covered.


Just because your daughter has legs, it doesn’t mean her dream of going to school as a mermaid can’t come true. HarmonyThreads also has a velour mermaid hoodie. If she’d like a little dry land time, the tail detaches using plastic snaps.

Develop Some Character

Sometimes the greatest way to understand a character is to put yourself in their shoes. Or their hoodie. Here are a few characters who can’t wait to make your kids comfy.


If your kids love 80s cartoons (and knowing you, they probably do) then they know all about Transformers. Whether they’re into the old school show or the newer movies, there’s a good chance they love Bumblebee. Now they can transform themselves into the yellow VW Beetle with this hoodie, complete with mask.


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a hoodie with a freakin’ cape!

Be Graphic

For kids who are a little more subdued, you can always get a hoodie that shows their geekiness with a vintage style graphic.


Old Navy has a few very cool superhero items in stock, including this DC Comics Justice League fleece hoodie.


And no, Marvel, they didn’t forget about you.

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