Healthy Nerdy Snacks For Kids

Children’s appetites are at best somewhat finicky, especially when it comes to healthy food. It is rare to see a young child who is willing to eat anything other than pizza or macaroni, even for breakfast.

As is typically the case in tough scenarios, there are medley tricks, folks have attempted in order to entice their young zerglings to eat something somewhat healthy, but none is simpler than the pinstripe technique.


Permit me a quote from the film Catch Me If You Can:

“You know why the Yankees always win, Frank?

Cause they have Mickey Mantle?

No, it’s ’cause the other teams can’t stop staring at those pinstripes.”

The answer is simple: give the kid something to catch their eye, something they love, and they’ll eat it regardless of whether it’s healthy. This is why we have Flintstones vitamins and dinosaur shaped snack packs. So here are some tricks to get your child to eat fruits and vegetables and like it.

The Pokeball Apple

Apples are fantastically healthy, supplying both vitamins and fiber. Lord knows kids need more fiber to keep ‘em regular. Here’s how to easily transform an apple into a much-loved Pokeball. Pikachu not included.

Step 1: Select the roundest, reddest apple you can.

Step 2: Cut it vertically in half.

Step 3: Take one of the halves and chop it horizontally, also in half.

Step 4: Flip the bottom half over. You should now have a circle: red on top, white on bottom, with seeds and the core showing in the bottom half.

Step 5: Core both halves, but fill the newly created hole in the bottom half with a single, dark purple grape.

Bam! You now have a Pokeball. If you really want to go the extra mile you can fill the middle of the two apple quarters with something pasty yet healthy, such as hummus.


Some kids just don’t like the crunch of apples; I can accept this, especially if a tooth has recently gone missing. But applesauce nets the same health benefits without the need to chew. How great is that?! A quick trick to spice up your sauce so your tots will eat it: Throw some green food coloring into the mix and pass it off as slime (maybe from Minecraft?), slime (maybe from Ghostbusters?), or slime (general, all-purpose slime?).

Resplendent Health Potion

The single most vital substance your body needs (besides oxygen) is water, and kids will not, under any circumstances, consume it without a fight. The typical solution has been to throw a bunch of sugar into the mix and sell faux-water as makeshift juice. A healthier approach would be to train the wee ones about the necessity of health potions in video games, and then make them think water will keep their little Zelda hearts from disappearing. Do this by adding a few drops of red food coloring into their water and, presto! Health potion. If you can find an appropriately shaped jar, something slightly bulbous with a cork topper it helps to sell it.

Star Wars Fruit and Veggies

And the easiest of all? Star Wars fruit and veggies. Buy yourself these cookie cutters and then you can use them on any fruit or vegetable you feel that your nerd-in-training is lacking. Cut cantaloupes, watermelons, boiled potatoes, mangoes, eggplant, squash, etc., using the handy-dandy cookie cutters and you’re set. Who wouldn’t want to eat a Chewbacca shaped papaya?

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