Heated Sock Animals

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Heated Sock Animals

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I really do think we’re more closely related to bears than apes. My proof? Winter. All the humans are happily outside going about their normal business and then the cold comes. We all hunker down in our Tudor, bungalow and ranch style caves. Then we wait. Only when the snow stops and temps rise above -20 degrees can we again emerge from said caves, bleary-eyed and weighing a little more than we did before. God forbid there’s a blizzard like the ones that have been visiting the East Coast lately. Then, in addition to staying in, we bundle up and hoard food just in case the power goes out. Yes, occasionally we play in the snow but so do bears.

With this convincing evidence, I rest my case. I think we should celebrate these bear-like tendencies and embrace the cold. No, that doesn’t mean we should be venturing out into it. I’m thinking more along the lines of baking cookies, actually using the fireplace and cozying up with a good book and a heated blanket.

For the bear cubs in your house, hibernation keeps them warm but can also cause bear cave fever (closely related to cabin fever.) To stave off this inevitable boredom and still keep their bear paws warm, Firebox brings us heated sock animals. Bandito the Bandit, Boo the Monster, Bunty the Bunny, Diddly the Cow, Mr. Hootie the Owl, and Wag the Dog are all microwaveable and infused with a sweet French Lavender scent. These snuggly, striped animals are perfect buddies on long, cold nights and will keep the little bears in your cave toasty and happy until they can romp around outside again.

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