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Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids

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When I was in school we were encouraged to take classes in foreign language. I took three years of spanish. I can read some, speak very little and write even less. Instead of Spanish 1 in 7th grade, I wish there had been the option of taking a class in “learning how to program”. Sure, my foreign language class introduced me to another culture, but programming classes would have been more beneficial.

Your child is going to grow up in a world where the basic understanding of programming and how software works is an absolute necessity. That’s where Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners steps in. This book is going to break down the basics of coding, all the while teaching your kid about Python.

One of the best things about the book is that it uses video games as exercises. This will be sure to hook your aspiring programmer, so they will finish the book. Before long, your child will be writing custom accounting software to help you pay off that mortgage and student loan. This book is recommended for children 11 years and up and appears to delve into some advanced topics. This is not a book for your five year old.

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