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Hercules Beetle 3D Anatomic Puzzle

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The Hercules Beetle is aptly named. This beetle is one of the strongest of its species, and with the exception of two other titan beetles, the Hercules is the largest of its kind. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that this massive, hulking bug is more than enough to unnerve most of us, but to kids (who have no fear of this awesome beetle), this horned behemoth is fascinating. What could be cooler than having one of the biggest, strongest insects ever terrorizing all of the other toys in your home? Not much, that’s what.

First and foremost, this Hercules beetle is a hard plastic 3D anatomic puzzle. One of its more fun aspects is the fact that it comes in 22 pieces, and the first order of business for your kids is to assemble it from all of its different parts. They’ll get to learn all about the Hercules beetle during this process; how many legs does it have (6), where does its outer shell fit, and what its insides look like. All of this is done like a jigsaw puzzle, but in three dimensions. Then, once it’s all finished, your kids can proudly display their creation anywhere it would be appropriate to put a really large, creepily accurate bug. Hopefully this is nowhere near your pets.

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