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Here Comes Science

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Here comes… Science! Want your little one to run around the playground shouting about evolution and electric cars? Or singing “I Am A Paleontologist” while feeling inspired to dig through the dirt looking for rocks and fossils? Well, so do They Might Be Giants.

This whole CD plays out like a slap in the face of creationists, and others who think that perhaps science isn’t… real. This album is perfect for your future eco-terrorist or Occupier. Aside from the catchy titles, and the educational bent of the album, the music is just so much more fun and rockin’ than those Baby Einstein or Raffi mp3s. You can feel a little less lame when you find yourself walking down the street singing “My Brother the Ape,” rather than “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.” [Sidenote: Your street cred will be amped even more by the fact that TMBG are based in Brooklyn, where all cool things reside].

Once you have your Junior Paleontologist acquainted to the offbeat lyrical and musical stylings of the two Johns, you can slip in some vintage TMBG (like “Minimum Wage”) to mess with their heads. (Which is half the fun of having the little buggers anyhow).

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  1. Caroline

    Everyone in our house loves this album!

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