How Many Onesies and Sleepers do I Need?

When I was pregnant, the weirdest questions crept into my nesting brain and took root, usually waking me up from a dead sleep in the middle of the night. I remember these being a few – how many onesies will she need? Which type is best? What if she doesn’t fit ANY of them? Sleepers […]

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A Shortlist of Nerdy Father’s Day Gifts

Yeah, I’m a dad. Have been for the past six years. And all the rumors are true: It’s been simultaneously the most rewarding and most harrowing adventure of my life. Do I deserve special recognition for this? Probably not. None of us do, really. It’s our responsibility to be good parents. Otherwise, we should never […]

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5 Awesome Star Wars Baby Onesies

Ten years ago, I thought Star Wars had come to a conclusion. I had just finished watching a midnight showing of Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith and the creeping realization that the last thing I would see on the big screen related to Star Wars was Darth Vader yelling “Nooooooooooooooooooo” swept over me. My […]

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5 Cool Legend of Zelda Baby Onesies

Hey, Listen! We know how much you guys love the Legend of Zelda. We know your love goes beyond just playing the games, and we know that even those of you who hate kid Link would take Windwaker over anything from any other Nintendo universe, just because it’s Link. We get it. Want to know […]

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These 5 Villains Stole the Internet’s Heart

Good and evil are usually pretty easy to categorize. We love the hero, that much is easy. If a writer is doing his job, we also “love to hate” the villain. But once in a rare while, there’s no hate for a villain, just the pure unadulterated adoration of the masses. Sherlock, Thor and Batman […]

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3 Ways to Tell if Your Child is Secretly a Superhero

There isn’t anyone you know better than your kids. You were there when they took their first Earthly breath, you changed every diaper and sucked out every booger with that squeezy thing. You fought to clean every scrape and force down every vegetable. If your kid had superpowers, you would know, right? One would think. […]

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Building a Zelda Nursery Link by Link

What’s your Zelda flavor? Whether you’re a Waker or a Majora’s Mask, every Zelda fan-fam that finds themselves with a little Link on the way needs to add a little (or a lot) of Hyrulian flavor to their nursery. As we always say, get ’em while they’re young. First, the walls. Cole Bradburn decided a […]

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Nerdy With Children Apparel is Here!

A lot has happened since Nerdy with Children started covering the online baby corner of the nerdverse. The biggest of all, however, is that we had some babies. Nick Veneris, co-founder of our site, welcomed his little guy Thaddeus in March. Jess Trebing, frequent contributer to NWC, followed a few months later with her daughter […]

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GI Joe 50th Anniversary Giveaway

  GI Joe turned 50 years old this past May. Hard to believe something that my dad knew as a teenager will still be relevant to my infant son. For me, Saturday mornings chomping down on a bowl of cereal, watching GI Joe back in the 80’s was the best life could get. I used […]

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How to Raise a Real-Life Spider-Man

When I was teaching 9th grade English, we used to study a unit on heroes. To kick it off, we usually talked about who our favorite hero was and why. After all this time and all the answers I’ve heard to the question, one kid’s hero still stands out in my mind. “Spiderman,” he said. […]

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