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Hevea Rubber Pacifier

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Like many parents, you probably worry a lot about what your baby is sticking into his mouth. A little dirt? No problem. Non-organic fruit… worrisome. The wrong pacifier! Preposterous! As all eco-aware parents know, the chemicals in many pacifiers don’t jive with the human endocrine system. Which is why Hevea makes their pacifiers from 100% natural rubber, of course.

But by no means does your stringer “Pacifier Qualification Exam” end here. The next winning component in Hevea’s paci is the appropriate orthodontic nipple shape. (Who ever thought they would see the words “winning” and “nipple shape” in the same sentence outside of a Charlie Sheen gig?) With the rounded nipple, you needn’t worry about the palate of your child’s mouth developing improperly.

And finally, the paci is appropriately ridiculous looking. With its orange-brown rubber color, your kid is going to look like he’s already been bestowed with his first orthodontic gear. Hevea added cute little cut-outs in the pacifier to give it some flair (this one has crowns for your little Principessa), but you’re still going to have a good laugh when you stick this in Junior’s craw. All kidding aside, this is a great pacifier that will help soothe your infant during those fussy moments.


  1. yikes! latex allergies are getting more and more common. I would not want my kid sucking on anything made of natural rubber. there’s good evidence that regular exposure at a young age is what provokes the allergy

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