“Hey, That’s My Fish” Perfect For Your Little Ones


When Fantasy Flight Games sent me a copy of “Hey That’s My Fish”, I immediately assumed it was some cutesy simple game for little kids. The box art boasts penguins in a subarctic landscape snatching up a bunch of fish. Printed on the box was the phrase, “A sub-zero game of fishy strategy”. Upon first glance, I felt like this game was going to be great for the four to seven year old crowd, but no parent could possibly enjoy this. Boy, was I wrong. Sure, the mechanics are quite simple, but the strategy and challenge will have your family begging for a rematch. Perfect for kids, but complex enough for experienced adults, “Hey That’s My Fish” deserves to be in your family’s collection.



The object involves having your penguins accumulate more fish than the other players. The game plays two to four players and a usual game goes for about 15-20 min. The board is made up of  tiles with either one, two or three fish printed on each of them. No, I’m not making some corny Dr. Seuss joke. This allows for a random game every time you play, which I love. Unfortunately, my biggest gripe with the game is the setup time. The tiles are hexagon shapes and they are a pain in the ass to create the board with. Patience is required as there are 60 tiles that need to be placed every time you play.


Once you have the tiles in place each player begins to place their penguin figures. The game scales nicely depending on how many people are playing. This is important and I’m happy that the designers added those conditions. Once the setup is complete, the youngest person goes first. Basically, each player takes a turn moving one of their penguins in a straight line as far as they want to move. Once the movement is completed they will pick up the tile that their penguin started on. The game continues until no one has any additional moves. Finally, everyone counts the number of fish on each tile they have collected. Highest total wins the game.

I love the strategy in the game. Should you want to try for the tiles with the most fish or try to block your opponent from being able to move? This is a great mechanic for kids to formulate a winning strategy. Everyone has an equal chance at winning, there is no randomness except for the setup of the board. The game is recommended for kids eight and over, but I think six year olds will be able to figure it out. It’s a great stepping stool for more serious games like Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne. If you think placing the tiles in a neat arrangement will be a pain, you can check out the app as well. Although personally, I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to playing physical games with kids, rather than on a tablet.

You can purchase the game over at Amazon.

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