Hit the Drums! Print for Your Little One’s Drum Room


There are two things my daughter loves: animals and music. Well, a little backstory might be in order here. Dad (that’s me) is a musician and he (me) has been involved in the animal rescue and welfare movement since he (I) was in college. (To spare anymore pronounal confusion, Dad will henceforth refer to himself in the first person.)

Since Day 1, my child, who is now a healthy and maniacal 6, has been surrounded by musical instruments and a wide variety of furry and feathered creatures. My backyard studio is loaded with musical opportunity for her – three drum kits, seven or eight guitars and basses, keyboards, percussion toys – and she has a mini-studio of her own, which is outfitted with a tiny grand piano, a drum kit, a ukulele and a miniature synthesizer.

Dad is — I mean I … am a working drummer who occasionally fills in on other instruments when the money is right (which is ALWAYS for a working musician). So most often my lovely daughter has witnessed me whacking the skins. She does the same on both my set and her own, and she’s getting to be pretty good at it. She is working on her own album, too, and she claims to be an amazing singer and pianist.

All of this takes place on our micro-farm here in the suburbs of Jacksonville, which is located in humid but lovely Northeast Florida. Currently, we host seven cats, a small dog, two chickens, a bunny rabbit and a hive full of buzzing, honey-producing bees. She loves them all, and every other animal she happens upon. Put the two together — music and animals — and she’s a happy little person.

Now I am not quite sure what kind of animal is playing the drums on this poster, but I am assuming it is an animal. I’m gonna go with … pig. A square-eared, very nude, head-band wearing pig.

Cool thing about this design: You can get it on a T-shirt, a hoodie, cards, tote bags and cell phone covers. The framed print would go great in my kid’s little studio, which doubles as my wife’s office and study chamber. (We’ll have to check with mom before sinking any hanging nails.) The fancy drum kit this … pig-thing … is playing is pretty cool, sort of throw-back ‘80s with s slight East Asian edge. And that Olivia Newton-John headband action: Nice. Most importantly, the pig is totally rocking out, expressing the joy that I often feel while playing. (Maybe I like this more than my daughter will.)

It’s stuff like this that helps me subvert the less-desirable stuff that she picks up from her friends. When she comes home talking about Beiber, we put on a Motor Humming CD. (Look ‘em up. It’s a Japanese instrumental band.)

I am painfully aware that the mainstream will become more a part of her life as she gets older. It’s everywhere all the time, hence it being “main.” But as long as she doesn’t get swept away by the current, and learns that the hidden estuaries are often more fun, then Dad – I mean, I – will be happy. Hopefully, so will she.

You can purchase this print at Society 6.

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