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Hobo Cardigan

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Know how many cardigans Oprah had in all of her Favorite Things lists? One. You know why? Because all you need is one cardigan and you’re set to impress. Trust us, it’s all about the cardigan these days (Oprah was so ahead of her time back in 2004). The right cardigan.

So, why dress your kid in an ordinary cardigan when he/she can be wearing the Hobo Cardigan? We thought so—you have no excuse. This patchwork Hobo Cardi is from A for Apple, a clothing line formed by Hong Kong-based celebrity stylist Denise Ho and her partner in crime, Jeffrey Chau. Their entire collection of kids’ clothing is edgy, on-trend, and made from the highest quality eco-friendly materials and organic cottons. The Hobo Cardigan is no exception.

Crafted from a soft and cozy cotton/poly mix, this trendsetting cardigan is made up of neon orange, neon pink, and tiny white pinstripes. It’s more hobo-chic than hobo, but we’ll let them keep the name simply because it sounds great when you call out, “Grab your Hobo Cardigan!” at the top of your lungs to your child. Just pair it with a pair of denim jeggings, dark sunglasses and a matted head of hair, and you’ve got your own mini Russell Brand in the works (the style, not the lifestyle).

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