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Hooded Skeleton Sweater

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On Halloween, we dress up as who we truly are. Some people dress as fairies or princesses, some as hippies or kittens. Your child, who revels in the funk and gloom of this time of year, wants to be a skeleton.

Halloween started off as a Celtic festival of costumes and bonfires used to ward of ghosts. On October 31st, originally called Samhain, the boundary between life and death dissolved, and the dead came to wreak havoc on the living and their crops. Though the original meaning of the holiday has dissipated, the practice of being spookier than what scares you remains.

Unfortunately, Halloween only lasts one day. It would be uncouth to show up at school dressed in a skeleton costume on the first of November, or December for that matter. Luckily, this sweater by Toto Knits can be worn as a regular sweater on those dreary, regular, non-Halloween days. It has a spine of white buttons on a black background, a set of six ribs, and a skull hoodie.

The sweater itself is made ethically in Kenya from organic cotton and was created by someone who goes by Flannery O’Kafka, a name that conjures the grotesque and the disturbing. Though your child may be dressing as the horrific specter of death and shadow of a lost life, you can rest assured that the person who made this sweater was not, like many seamstresses, faced daily with that particular affliction.

We suggest introducing your kid to the Misfits when they wear this sweater.

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