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Hoot The Book

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So this book might have been published 10 years ago, but it has definitely stood the test of time. After all, filling porta-potties with alligators never ages.

Written by the one and only Carl Hiaasen (author of Sick Puppy, Scat and Chomp), Hoot tells the very quirky tale of the new kid (we can all relate, right?) in Trace Middle School of Florida’s Coconut Grove. Bullied with no real friends, Roy Eberhardt seems like a downer in the beginning of these pages, but wait til’ he gets bullied on the bus one day. That’s when the real adventure begins, full of endangered miniature owls, pranking adults, and you got it, a fake-fart champion.

They call this one an “ecological mystery,” but don’t think it’s all preachy about the environment, though it does touch on it quite a bit. Hiaasen makes every page a lol-moment, with his quick wit and really, well, quite abnormal scenarios. He’s like the Tom Robbins for kids (liking it already, eh?).

We recommend this one for the older kids (10 – 12 years), but don’t be surprised if you end up grabbing this for yourself to read. There’s no shame in loving a bit of YA fiction.

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