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Hot Wheels Video Racer

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I collected my fair share of Hot Wheels growing up, but none of them were half as cool or interesting as this Hot Wheels Video Racer. This car looks like any other at first glance; it’s a cool, sleek future car that begs to be shot out of a launcher like a rocket. However, what makes this particular one special is the action camera imbedded into the front of the car. Now, instead of just sending their Hot Wheels flying around at breakneck speeds, your kids can record the footage of their car’s action, and play it back as often as they want.

I’m going to let that sink in for a minute, trying to imagine how much fun I would have had with this when I was a kid. Hot Wheels already makes all sorts of intricate tracks and setups that kids absolutely cannot get enough of. I’m thinking about massive jumps over all those ramps, hairpin turns through the pre-made tracks, and races against my friend’s cars, except now they’re all recorded in first-person. What more could a kid want?

The Hot Wheels Video Racer comes with one 1:64 scale Hot Wheels car, a camera to record 30FPS video (up to 12 minutes), a built-in LCD screen, a USB cable for storage, and a clip to attach the camera.

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