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House Of Fun Wall Decals

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Nursery room wallpaper is a contentious topic. Ask ten parents what they think and most will likely roll their eyes as they picture themselves struggling to apply it with precision, only to have to scrape it off the wall a few years after their child falls out of love with Mickey Mouse (or stripes, polka dots, race cars, etc).

The flipside is that plain old paint can, of course, make your child’s room look dull and drab, and force you to compensate by accessorizing to the high heavens with interesting looking lamps, stock framed illustrations, and colorful knickknacks that you wouldn’t otherwise display.

One of the most refreshing additions to home décor I’ve encountered in recent years is the proliferation of wall decals, which are images, almost like stickers, that adhere to the wall and make it look like you have spent hours painting them by hand. The types of images you can find vary depending on the decal company and age group for which you’re searching, but I’d be lying if I said the children’s market doesn’t seem to be saturated with more than a few owls and birds.

That’s why I love House of Fun Wall Decals. With thin vinyl graphics like a uniquely shaped tree in which happy little children and squirrels swing from its branches while an adorable owl sits suspended somewhere high atop its branches, their designs lean toward the abstract. The decals come in 33 hues and can be applied to any surface, including furniture.

The best part is that the decals can be removed when your little one expresses a sudden interest in pirates, dragons, balloons, kites, or Andy Warhol’s soup cans (which are all part of the House of Fun Wall Decal family).


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