How to Make “Harry Potter” Chocolate Frogs


If you’ve ventured into the world of Harry Potter, then you know about chocolate frogs and how you should eat them right away before they get away from you and jump out the window. Also, if you had someone make them for you before, then you know how amazingly delicious they can be.

And if you’re a chocolate fiend like me, then you probably look a little like this guy …


OK, enough joking around. Let’s make some chocolate frogs!

Obviously, you don’t really need a special reason to make chocolate frogs, but might I add they fit in well in a Harry Potter-themed party, wedding or during a Harry Potter movie marathon. These aren’t ordinary frogs. They come with a plot twist: peanut butter filling!

What you’re going to need for this awesome baking experience is one package of melting chocolate, one cup of peanut butter, ¼ teaspoon of salt, ½ cup of confectioners’ sugar, and chocolate frog molds.


To start off, melt half of the chocolate using a microwave-safe bowl. Cook at intervals of 30 seconds, until the chocolate is melted smoothly. You can also use a double boiler instead of melting the chocolate in the microwave. Whichever is easiest for you.


After the chocolate is melted, put a few spoonfuls into each mold and use the spoon – or if you have one, a silicone pastry brush – to evenly coat the mold, filling in the crevices. Put the mold in the freezer and let it chill for about five minutes.

After the frogs have chilled, put the peanut butter, sugar and salt in a small bowl and mix it all together. (Try to refrain from eating the peanut butter!)

Once that’s done, take out the mold and put quarter-sized amounts of the peanut butter mixture into each frog mold. Afterward, melt the remaining chocolate and fill in the rest of the mold to the brim, spooning it over the filling.

Return the frogs to the freezer, so they can chill for another five minutes or so. Once they’re done, take the chocolate frogs out of the mold and enjoy! The upside to these scrumptious frogs is that they can’t get away from you.

Chocolate Frog finished box

As a side note: You can use other types of filling instead of peanut butter. Marshmallow Fluff, cake frosting or any other filling that your heart desires. Or you can change it up and add nuts to the chocolate. Instead of brown chocolate, you can use white, dark, green or any other color of chocolate that you want. Making these babies is super simple, so you can change the recipe however you want. Get the kids in on the fun for a movie-themed baking project.

Have fun!


  1. Katy

    Where did you find those containers that look so much like the ones in the movies? And is there a way to make them at home?

  2. Victoria

    Dying to know about the boxes!! I already have that very mold and have been making chocolate frogs for years! It’s the box I’m fiending for now!

  3. Amy Taylor

    Where did you buy the box’s or how did you make the box?

  4. jusst google “make chocolate frog boxes”…lots of templates, ladies 🙂

  5. Athenea

    You have get a new fan! I love your posts, thank you so much for helping me to make my nerdy life a bit sweeter.

  6. Teriann

    i am looking for the box too…any luck?

  7. Elizabeth

    Hi – I’m making these for party bags for my daughters party and I’m not sure if kids have allergies so want to avoid peanut butter – would you know how much chocolate I would need for filling all 8 – the packs I have seen are 900g?

    Many Thanks

  8. Cammy

    After removing the chocolate from the freezer how do you keep condensation from collecting on the chocolate. I want to put them in the little baggies and put inside the boxes but afraid of the moisture.

  9. Tara

    About how many does this make?

  10. Boitty

    Look for “Harry Potter chocolate frog box” on . They have a few choices. Some are downloadable (you print and do it yourself) and others are the box flat already cut and you just put it together. Check them out! 🙂

  11. paula

    where do you buy the boxes for the frogs?

  12. Georgina Barlow

    These tasted amazing! Almost as good as Reese’s peanut butter cups which I LOVE!!!! I think if I made them again I would use the Reese’s peanut butter rather than the one I used just to tip it to that level. One batch of the peanut butter filling did about 24 frogs – it took me 2 attempts to get the balance of chocolate / filling right. I recommend making one molds worth of frogs & trying them once cooled to see what you think before making the next batch :).

    I wanted mine to be a surprise in terms of the filling as the pot-luck element of the wizard cards was what got the kids excited in the film so I also filled them with coco pops to make solid crunchy ones, fondant – like a homemade Cadbury Creme Egg which I coloured luminous lime green (using icing paste colouring made by Sugarflair – Bitter Lemon/Lime) & the strongest popping candy I could find (tip: don’t mix it into the melted chocolate or it won’t work as well. Coat the outside of the moulds & cool, then poor your popping candy into the middle of the cooled moulds using the chocolate you use to cover the backs to trap it in the middle. I used a whole sachet per frog so they really went off – magical!

    I bought my moulds from eBay which cost me about £6 inc. postage so much cheaper than some of the sets on Amazon & they looked the exact same. If you don’t want to make your own boxes some people are selling packs on amazon which include moulds & flat boxes you just have to cut out & stick together but they’re around the £20 mark.

    I needed more boxes than included in those packs so I used these to make the boxes: which looked really good! The link says they started with someone having scanned an actual box from one they bought from Harry Potter World & they adapted it. The person who made them also included wizard cards for the insides (which you should 100% laminate to avoid them being spoilt if the chocolate melts) – Dumbledore is named but his pic missing on one of them but I just told people at the party he must be wearing an invisibility cloak & they thought that was funny so was fine. If you’re good with Photoshop etc. you can use this to put images of your friends in the windows :).

    Advice: 1. The took A LOT of printer ink. I used a whole colour cartridge from beginning to end printing these (printed about 40 with wizard cards before it ran out) without changing the settings on my printer from normal printing or printing the stars for the insides of the boxes so either have spare ink on standby or if you have access to somewhere else you can print them using someone else’s ink even better :o) . I recommend making a few practise ones with paper before printing them on card cause they are fiddly to assemble & it takes a little working out how best to do the corners & lid). Making the boxes was very time consuming as each one took almost 20 mins. to cut out & stick so if you’re making a lot find some friends to rope in & make some extra frogs to bribe them with! :o)

    Lastly the frogs melted very easily once warm so freeze / refrigerate for as long as possible & if you are having a party put them out last.

  13. Lori

    Awesome b-day for my daughter with these chocolate frogs! Ordered the frog mold offf of Amazon (check Etsy too) & chocolate melts too. One blogger said Merkens melts were good & they are. They come in dark & semi sweet chocolate & they melt well. The boxes can be downloaded for free with directions, just google the search & it will come up. Awesome stuff! Thank you!

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