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HTML for Babies

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Web designers know there’s often a huge disconnect between what a client asks for, what the client really wants, and what the designer can deliver; this issue is exacerbated when the programmer doesn’t even know his or her ABC’s, let alone HTM and L.

You’re probably wondering why you’d start teaching your baby HTML. Short answer: what else are you going to read together, Hop on Pop? No disrespect to Dr. Seuss, but good code is more reason than rhyme, and HTML is no exception; mis-match your tags, and you’ve got a dysfunctional site.

HTML for Babies isn’t a hardcore coding book, but like a lot of new tech products, it seeks to introduce modern concepts at an early age. In this case, html tags presented in bold fonts and bright colors for the sake of breeding familiarity. When junior sees tags later, they won’t be alien, strange or weird, they’ll be the friendly pink, baby-blue, and orange icons of his or her childhood.

In this day and age you can’t afford to raise a technophobic kid, and on a difficulty scale of 1-10, HTML is about a 2. It’s an accessible and immediately practical language for your kids to learn, and even if it doesn’t turn them onto C# later in life, at least they’ll have a basic understanding of coding principles.

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