Hug a Creeper With New Minecraft Plushies


Jazwares, Inc, the savy toy company behind the Lalaloopsy dolls and lots of sweet Adventure Time products have made it so that even when it’s time to turn Minecraft off and go to bed, your family can snuggle their way into a pixelated dreamland.

A set of four new huggably boxy plushies straight from the insanely addictive hit video game will hit shelves on October 1st. It’s pretty safe to say that these guys will be seeing a lot of the inside of parents’ closets until the big day in December when they invade the underside of Christmas trees everywhere.

Jazwares, Inc. is a toy company established in 1997 that’s been focused on creating “quality products that push the boundaries of product design.” They’ve focused mainly on licensed brands, many of which get two big nerdy thumbs up for being so awesome. Besides the two mentioned above, they also carry Hanna-Barbera figures (including Space Ghost) and licensed stuff from Mortal Kombat, Star Wars, and Plants Versus Zombies among other IP’s. Definitely keep an eye on these guys.


Prior to making the plushies, Jazwares dipped their toes in the Minecraft market with a few fun papercraft kits.

The four new Minecraft plushies are each 7 inches tall, which makes them about the size of Beanie Babies. They definitely aren’t Beanie Babies, but they are insanely collectable, so we’d recommend pre-ordering them to make sure they make it home to you.


The Creeper is probably the most prolific Minecraft mob, since the little green guys spawn at night like the Zombies and Skeletons, but aren’t killed by sunlight. They sneak up on you and blow up in a blocky Kamikaze explosion, rendering them fiercely dangerous (unless there’s a cat or ocelot nearby). Despite how dangerous they are, they’ve become somewhat of an unofficial Minecraft mascot. Everyone knows that Creepers just want a hug, and finally we can give them what they want!


Also in the collection of new Minecraft plushies are the Baby Pig, the spooky Endermen, and the Baby Mooshroom, which are like regular cows, except for their red color and their inexplicable ability to grow a coat of mushrooms. Clearly they’ve gone for the cute factor by choosing to make the baby version of the Mooshroom. It’s working like a charm.


If you havn’t played Minecraft yet, that’s ok. We won’t tell. If you’ve been dying to play (or get your kids into the open world building adventure) and you’re about to buy yourself a next gen console, it’ll be a downloadable launch title for both systems.

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