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Human Body Factory

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Do your kids want to learn more about the human body, but get bored of the same type of books that simply break down already complicated information into a more simple form, and call it a day? Human Body Factory is a book that subverts this problem, and ends up being more of a fun-filled, Where’s Waldo book about the body that actually entertains while it teaches.

Human Body Factory utilizes the most interesting and different takes on the discovery of how the human body works. Instead of going for a dumbed-down approach that simply changes the scientific words into things kids can understand, the book tells a story on each page through the perspectives of hundreds of tiny workers, each executing their role in the body as if they were performing their job’s routine. This creates a more interesting read for your kids, since each of the workers is responsible for a different part of the body, and they call out their tasks as if they were coordinating with each other. For example, an entire team of cleaning workers washes off the ear canal, simulating the effects of hair that brushes out wax from the canal. The workers are many (and tiny), leaning toward a more discovery-based approach with hidden nuances that prompt additional readings.

Human Body Factory’s method of storytelling is genius, and well worth picking up just to get a more unique read on the body that your kids will enjoy.


  1. Richard

    See, these are the kinds of books I need to find for my new nephew

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