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I Am 8 Bit Wall Decals

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Space Invaders has been a mainstay of arcades since, well… arcades were popular. We may have first played it on a giant wooden box with a television in it, but now our kids are playing crazy updated versions on paper-thin screens that easily fit in the smallest of pockets. It’s great to see the classics are still popular in some form, and is that a Pac-Man I see somewhere in there, chasing a ghost?

Sometimes you need a minimalist décor for your space; something that creates a subtle nod to your long-standing gaming heritage, without showcasing it loudly for the whole world to stand up and take notice. Other times, your kids might have gotten a hold of your Atari, and now they want those awesome Space Invaders all over the walls of their room. Either way, the I Am 8-Bit sprite-based wall decals are a perfect match for any space that needs the added touch of retro arcade action, without splashing an entire room full of paint everywhere. Easy to install, easy to remove and reattach, and just about the easiest way to decorate any room there is. The 8-Bit wall decals will invade your kid’s room with reckless abandon, if you can resist shooting them down first.

Feel free to get up and dance to the following video.

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