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“I Am This Many” T-Shirt

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Finding interesting baby clothes (which aren’t featured in malls across America, or anywhere) is a difficult task, and no one knows this better than Etsy designer Jen G aka “LittteMetalMisster.” Jen, after finding out she was pregnant, searched high and low for cool, alternative clothes for her punk/metal style and her soon-to-be punk and metal loving little boy. Unfortunately, no one offered alt-clothes for babies with music-loving parents, so her next step in seeking out stylish attire was to break out the ol’ sewing machine and appoint herself as a go-to designer for all her little one’s clothing needs. It turned out that what she learned in seventh grade home ec never really went away.

From custom leggings bearing spider webs to onsies with anarchy signs to blankets shaped like guitars, Jen has designed a whole world of punk-related baby clothes for both girls and boys. Her love of anarchy has resulted in a t-shirt design that any style of punker would love to wear — at any age.

The “I Am This Many” Punk Rocker Kid t-shirt, made with 100% cotton, features a pressed-on image of a mohawked little punk whose classic rock and roll hand gesture is the answer to a frequently-asked question of wee ones. As this shirt unfortunately isn’t sized for people over the ages of 3 (sorry elder peeps!) it is sized for those just coming into their own and discovering the joys of moshing, bullet belts, and defying the norm. So treat your baby bot to a t-shirt that represents them, and treat yourself to a buying experience that’s anything but corporate.

Speaking of Punk, here’s Bad Religion having fun at Germany’s Area 4 Festival in 2008:

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