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I Heart Guts Poster

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It’s okay to feel a little weird when looking at this poster. I sure did. Every single organ in your entire body is present in this poster. It’s all there, even the ones you normally wouldn’t think to include on a piece of wall art. Some of them might be a bit more tricky to identify than others (like the parathyroid), but the gang’s all here, whether you’re familiar with them or not. The design plays out a bit like “spot the adorable body part;” there’s so much information here that doesn’t seem present at first, but if you squint really hard, and give it a good try, there’s much to be learned from this deceptive little piece of art. Use it to teach your kids about the parts that make up our body, or as a message to those who might not be taking as good care of themselves as they ought to be.

This body-conscious artwork is proudly displayed on recycled paper, measuring 18”x24”.  It’s printed in a metallic silver, giving the poster a shiny, gloss-like feel to it.  The heart is featured prominently near the center, the only part in the artwork that is in color, as if to draw importance to itself. I agree, heart. You are important. You make up the shape of this artwork, after all.

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