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I Heart Pixels Sweatshirt

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Pixels, the beloved little squares that generations of technical scientists have tried to make ever smaller to the point we don’t even notice them anymore, have made a comeback.

Turns out, people like the blockiness afforded by pixel art. The success of Minecraft can attest to the return of the square art form, and in the wake of the game’s sandbox style play, a tsunami of independently developed pixel games have sprung up around the internet and on smart phones. Websites devoted entirely to these new (old?) games have been created and the fanbase is growing steadily.

Whether the trend will last is questionable, but something that’s not is the devoted love these pixel gamers have for the platform.  Enter this epic shirt. Note that it’s not especially difficult to make a pixel heart, but the designers of the shirt chose to embrace the full squareness of the pixel. Simple, elegant, and hilarious. This version is listed as a sweatshirt, but if you visit Zazzle you can find the same image printed on T-shirts, ringer shirts, girls fitted shirts, etc., and it is available in either gray or white. Regardless, the top is an excellent way for your kids to show off their old-school nerdiness in style.

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