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I Learned From Zelda Tee

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If I were to create a list of life lessons that are worth learning over the course of one’s lifetime, it might look similar to the ones written here. Your elders have sound advice, and should be listened to. If you find the right person, do whatever it takes to keep them. Money is important, but not at any cost. Don’t go into bad places (especially at night). Figure out what is important to you in life, and find it. Wisdom, strength, and courage are crucial traits to have. You can do anything if you try. All of these lessons are important ones that any parent would want their children to learn. It’s no surprise that a story based on this advice would stand the test of time, and the Legend of Zelda has done just that.

The I Learned From Zelda tee is screen printed on a cotton shirt, with a beautiful Legend of Zelda crest in the background. It comes in forest green (which is the only color this shirt should come in, really), and is available in multiple youth sizes, to fit any young fan. If your children follow any of this sage advice, maybe they too can grow up to be legendary heroes someday.

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