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I Less Than Three You Onesie

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Nothing says “I am from the internet” quite like using online and text slang IRL – and nothing says “I am a parent from the internet” like putting an internet slang onesie on your kid.

This onesie is made of white cotton, hand-printed, and is available in sizes from newborn to 18 months. It sort of makes you wonder what other cute internet slang might make for good baby apparel… like “Mommy makes me colon close parenthesis” “Time to party asterisk Open caret bracket colon capital D,” or “Caps lock TANTRUM caps lock.”

In any case, this onesie would look great on your little netizen, and it would also make a great gift, though it would probably raise some questions from the non-internet set, a la “less than three…weren’t they a ska band from the nineties?” Of course not, that’s Less than Jake, or “Less than three…isn’t that a Bret Easton Ellis book?” No, that’s “Less than Zero.” Of course, this all implies that you have friends that aren’t net-savvy and this far into the 21st century, that’s inexcusable. Make new friends. Make them BFFs both online and IRL, so you can LOL with your kids while you’re AFK.

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