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I Love Indie Music T-Shirt

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Pitchfork Music’s website has become the definitive, go-to place for the latest critiques and insights into our favorite indie bands.This is an ongoing problem for music magazines like Rolling Stoned and Spin, who have dwindled in quality over the past decade. They focused more on commercially successful music acts (like all that dubstep cripe), while only recently turning themselves over to powers of the internet; a huge reason towards the rise in readership of outlets like Pitchfork and Stereogum. But the sorrowful subject of print media’s longevity in the 21st century is a topic for another time. For now, this is strictly about the beauty of indie rock and its continued appeal to newer generations since the1980’s.

Whether you’re a fan of the Fleet Foxes, Cut Copy, Morrissey, The Weekend, The Pixies, or all of the above, it’s an easy bet that as an indie music fan you play these constantly around your kids, and they’ve most likely fallen in love as well. They isolate their three-year-old selves with a vintage Fisher-Price record player and heavy-duty headphones (that encompass their entire little bodies), take out a copy of Jesus and Mary Chain’s Automatic (on vinyl, of course), and listen the day away in their “I Love Indie Music” t-shirt, strewn with pictures of musical notes and a boombox. For your kid’s enthusiastic admiration of the genre, this is a present you can’t pass up.

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