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I Want Yer Skull Diaper Bag

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It’s always nice to see diaper bags that Dads (and their kick ass counterparts for that matter) will feel comfortable slinging around! Sourpuss’ I Want Yer Skull Diaper Bag is a respectable addition to any rocker/pirate family with its black base color and all over skull and crossbones design; no embarrassing flowers and paisley design for your family. It includes an adjustable strap and identical changing pad for a diaper swap on the go; both the bag and one side of the pad are made of PVC for easy wipe-off after those inevitable messes (bag next to naked baby + cool air = …well you know what happens). Pockets on the inside and outside of I Want Yer Skull provide plenty of space for the loads of crap needed when leaving the house with your little one… or for whatever booty you acquire while pillaging. The bag measures 12” wide, 10” long and 5” deep, big enough for the necessities without feeling like you’re carrying around a suitcase. Always be a prepared parent while remaining badass.

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