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I-Wood/My First Laptop

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The kids are at it again. Pressing all the buttons they can reach on your laptop while you’re trying to send that important work email. Spitting up their applesauce on the keyboard. Sticking their Sesame Street decals on the back of the laptop. They’re so precious when they’re sleeping peacefully, right?

Isn’t it about time you got your child their very own laptop? OK, before you have a fit about your kids being spoiled or think about that low bank balance, feast your eyes on the I-Wood. We-wood. We definitely would. This chalkboard laptop will satisfy your kid’s fascination with technology, while also keeping their little mitts off your computer. It’s designed to look like a real laptop, even opening and closing like the real thing. And it’s much more entertaining for them than your computer full of spreadsheets and boring emails.

Designed by Bea Seggering for Donkey Creative Lab, you might know this German designer’s craftiness from her previous work: the hairy candle, her peanut necklace, and of course, who could forget Bea Seggering’s concrete marshmallow (tasty!). Her works are quirky, inspirational and everything that kids and adults find fascinating. So give the kids some chalk, sit them down and get them to think different, very, very different!

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