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iBaby Onesie 100% Cotton

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What is your baby usually doing at 2:43am? The most likely scenario is that your baby is awake, pondering which one of these baby apps they would like to do next, and probably alerting you of this at the maximum volume level. My vote goes to the poopy app or the bottle app.

If you’re a tech-conscious parent (and it’s not a stretch to assume that you are), you’ve probably had to keep that shiny phone or tablet of yours away from prying hands of the little one on more than a few occasions. Perhaps you’re also looking for new clothes, too? Why not solve two problems at once, with the iBaby Apple onesie? Having their own apps to play with, your baby can communicate to you exactly what he or she needs* with the push of a brightly colorful, practically irresistible button, and you get to keep hands off your impeccably cleaned and pristine screen. The onesie shows off all the new apps, from the pacifier and rattle apps (which supply timely entertainment for your child), to the aforementioned poopy app, which requires immediate cleanup upon use.

*Clothing does not actually communicate the needs of infants electronically.

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