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iCade Mobile Game Controller

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While many iOS games are designed with simplistic controls or touch-screen accessibility in mind, there are still many enjoyable games for the platform that are complex enough to require more precise controls. For those games that the iPhone and iPod Touch can’t control well without support, the ION iCade Mobile adds a unique controller face to the platform, allowing your lil’ gamer to enjoy their games how they were meant to be played.

The iCade Mobile is a cradle that connects to the iPhone or iPod Touch via bluetooth, adding a directional pad and face buttons to the control scheme. These buttons work like any console controller would, allowing for more sophisticated play on any games that need a better control scheme than touch can provide alone. It’s easy to use, snaps right into place, and since it’s locked into the cradle, it can rotate, allowing for both vertical and horizontal play.

The iCade Mobile is durable, comfortable to handle, and is compatible with hundreds of your kids’ favorite gaming apps. Perfect for keeping the attention of your children, and for keeping smudges and dirt off of the screen, the iCade Mobile is a fantastic accessory for anyone who wants to get more fun and control out of their iPhone apps.

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