“If You Decide to Go to the Moon” Takes Kids to the Sea of Tranquility


One of the most fascinating things about space to children is the moon. Unlike the stars, which are small and hard to see, the moon is a large and plainly visible, sometimes even in the daytime sky. It looks, to the most adventurous child, attainable, if only we could reach far enough to grab it. Kids are intrigued by the idea of space travel, too. Launching into the void in a tin-can space rocket has a dreamy quality to it, and challenges children to expand their minds.

The book If You Decide to Go to the Moon won’t give your kids all the blueprints they need to actually build a tin-can space rocket, but it does a fine job of sparking their imaginations about what it might be like to visit someday. This book is written in the second person, which gives your kids a chance to feel like they are heading to the moon while you read along with them. The narrative begins with packing the essentials, moves through space and ends with a soft landing at the Sea of Tranquility, the site of the first moon landing. The story concludes with a little figuring on how to make it back home.

This wonderful little book, written by Faith McNulty and illustrated by Steven Kellogg, is endorsed by the Kennedy Space Center, something tech-loving parents should appreciate. An interest in space, our planet, indeed the universe, lights a fire in children, stretching their boundaries of thought and experience. There is a reason one of the cliché answers to the childhood question “What do you want to be when you grow up,” is so often answered with: “an astronaut.”


The book If You Decide to Go to the Moon can be purchased online at the Kennedy Space Center website.

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