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Iggy Pop Action Figure

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If you happen to be a punk rock parent, chances are you’ve probably exposed your little guy or gal to whatever varied form of punk you listen to be it The Offspring, Minor Threat, or more vintage bands like Television or The Ramones. Any of these examples are relevant to the overall “punk rock family tree.” Universally speaking, though, we who love the many offshoots of that angsty, rebellious tunage should all agree on one obvious observance: Iggy Pop is one of punk rock’s founding forefathers–if not THE true originator of the genre–and respect for him should be given even if you listen to like, Blink 182 or old school Goo Goo Dolls. (Yes, they were once a punk band. Weird, huh?)

Snarling, shirtless, loud, obnoxious, Iggy was a frontman whose voice and traits were mimicked and adopted by many a punk rock icon countless times over, and whose influence will hopefully continue on until punk finally keels over and dies it’s last snotty breath–or until your kid hears Funhouse for the first time and decides to pick up a guitar and an overall disdain for society.

So in commemoration of The Stooges madman, NECA toys has replicated Iggy in action figure form, complete without shirt and (by the look on his face) without reservation for pretty much anything. He even comes with his own microphone… hit you upside the head with, and is one in a line of many music figurines that your child can add to their collection. Consider this the better alternative for those useless Barbie dolls and plastic army dudes that–in an alternate universe–would cower at the sight of a leathery, oddly-sculpted bag of anarchy and decadence.

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