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I’m With The Band Onesie

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My personal choice for greatest movie about music ever is Almost Famous. The 1999 film tore at the heartstrings of anyone who’s ever worked in the music industry long enough to experience the anguish and exhilaration that can stem from such a gonzoworld where fantasies replace realities (or fantasies become reality), and people can either be made or broken.

William, the protagonist and up-and-coming music journalist for Rolling Stone, meets his musical writing hero, Lester Bangs, who then assigns him to review a Black Sabbath show in San Diego. There, William runs into a Mid-West band called Stillwater who end up finagling the young writer’s entrance into the show, despite the door man refusing to let William in because he doesn’t have the all-important “I’m with the band” pass.

Indeed, the pass is as good as gold if you wish to navigate your way through the backstage environment at a rock show and not be thrown out immediately by door guys who think they’re gods. Many famous reporters and groupies got their start with a little help from a backstage pass. Don’t you want your little rock aficionado to be able to get his foot in the door? Either a laminated pass or a onesie with an “I’m with the band” logo on the front will suffice.

Etsy artist Sharon has devised her own brand of cool apparel that will get any kid backstage to party with the rock stars, band aids, and rock crew. Available in black, peachy pink, dark red, white (or really, any color you’d like), this “I’m with the band” onesie is a comfy, warm, and 100% cotton garment that will grant your little rockstar access to all the top billings. Sorry, you’re a little big for a onsie, so you’ll have to wait outside.

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